Teeth whitening


Whiten your discoloured yellow teeth 


Geneva Dental Lounge offers the following teeth whitening options to combat yellow teeth:

1. Chairside Whitening

This in-clinic whitening takes just one appointment and can whiten your former yellow teeth by up to 5 shades. To ensure the best possible results you will have 2 applications of the whitening gel during your appointment. Separate applications are necessary to replenish the active ingredients. Each application lasts 20 minutes.


2. Classic White

Chairside Whitening + Home Kit. We recommend you use the home kit for 7-10 days after your in-clinic Chairside Whitening in order to stabilise the shade. You can also use it months later to refresh the colour of your teeth. It comes with the world's first heat based whitening device for you to take home.


3. Hollywood White

This is our most popular and effective teeth whitening treatment and can whiten stained yellow teeth by up to 11 shades. The Hollywood White procedure involves three separate appointments with two applications of the whitening gel at each appointment (6 applications in total). The treatment is done over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. We also offer a complimentary Home Whitening Kit so that you can continue your teeth whitening treatment at home to combat yellow teeth.


All of our treatments are subject to a prior clinical examination with our dentist to check that your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for teeth whitening treatment.

We offer a selection of teeth whitening gels including WY10.

WY10 has been proven in scientific studies to give better results than other major brands, including Britesmile and Philips Zoom. It is stronger and more effective than whitening kits found in pharmacies or supermarkets and safer than those purchased from the internet. The professional-strength whitening of Wy10 whitening are only available from dental professionals.