Straight teeth with lingual braces

Is there a special event coming up this autumn?

healthy food for teeth

Simple rules for following a healthy balanced diet

Dental care does not only include brushing techniques and other daily habits but also the way you nourish your body.

A good teeth hygiene

We all should have daily teeth cleaning and hygiene routines. But do we really know what is important to do?

teeth whitening tips Geneva Dental Lounge

Teeth Whitening Tips

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance by using different advanced dental procedures.

Teeth straightening with practically invisible aligners

Straight and beautiful teeth become more and more important in our daily lives.

Geneva Dental Lounge Dr Jacques Lebahar

Geneva Dental Lounge presents Doctor Jacques Lebahar

We have the pleasure to introduce our new doctor Jacques Lebahar here at Geneva Dental Lounge.

perfect teeth with Lumineers - Geneva Dental Lounge

Lumineers ® create your perfect smile

Perfect teeth are more important today than ever.